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Snappytick Source Edition

On-premise Static code analysis tools from SnappyTick helps to identify the Vulnerability during Static code review. Consider an In-line auditing approaches will identify the largest amount of most significant Security issues in your source code and it will verify that the proper security controls exist. Static code analysis tools/ Source code review tools from SnappyTick will scan the source code at faster rate and deliver reliable results accurately with less false positive rate.

Source code analysis tools/Source Code review tools have a distinct advantage, in that it can evaluate both web and non-web applications and, can detect flaws in the software’s inputs and outputs that cannot be seen through dynamic web scanning alone. With the Source code analysis tools/ Source Code review tools, vulnerabilities get detected at an early stage, so the rework cost is relatively low. Snappytick’s Static code analysis tool runs while code is created, checking line-by-line, so issues are immediately identified and addressed in development Stage.

Snappytick Static code analysis tool covers below mention Standards:

Analysis Tools

SnappyTick static code Analysis tools will support all major language.


Integrate Snappytick static code analyzer into your Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery Tools.

Key Features
Snappytick Static Code Analysis Tool Key Features:

SnappyTick source code review tools

SnappyTick source code review tool will cover 500+ vulnerabilities including the most common ones:

SQL Injection
Parameter Tampering
Session Fixation
Unreleased Resources
LDAP Injection

Cross-Site Scripting
Buffer Overflow
Denial of Service
Input Validation
Weak Cryptography

Code Injection
HTTP Splitting
Session Poisoning
Dangerous Files Upload
Format String

Cross-Site Request Forgery
Hardcoded Password
Unhandled Exceptions
Commend Injection
Path Traversal
And more …

Snappytick Source Edition SAST is officially tested against the OWASP Benchmark project.The OWASP Benchmark test suite is designed to evaluate the speed, coverage, and accuracy of automated software vulnerability detection tools.