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  • Fast scanning and less false positive. Able to scan Uncompiled and incomplete code. Supports widely used languages.

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Snappy Tick Source Edition (SAST) is a source code review tool, it helps to identify the Vulnerability in Source code. We provide
- Static Code Analysis tools and Source Code Review tools. Consider an In-line auditing approaches will identify the largest amount of most significant Security issues in your application and it will verify that the proper security controls exist.


Snappy Tick Standard Edition (DAST) is Dynamic application security tool, it helps to perform black box and grey box testing. Analyze the requests and responses and find potential vulnerabilities inside an application by trying to access them in variety of ways, while the applications are running.

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Built with amazing features developed specifically for SnappyTick. Capable of scanning multiple languages. Best reporting that highlights the precise source files, line numbers, and even subsections of lines that are affected.


SnappyTick is a Code analysis tool which automates the testing process. As a Static Code analysis tool, it also improves security. This Static Code analysis tool is easy to Setup and is cost effective for Source Code Audit.As a source code analysis tool, it reviews the source code line by line. Source code review tools from Snappy Trick find security flaws and improves the coding standard.Static code analysis tools from SnappyTick will execute the source code at faster rate and deliver reliable results with less false positive rate. Your team can have SnappyTick running and analyze your code in minutes. Take a Snappy tour to explore the new features on this Source Code analysis tools.

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